We’re getting very close to heading back to the studio in the next few months.  We’ve been rehearsing many of our new songs, working on things in shifts in sectional rehearsals, and occasionally amassing the full orchestra for rehearsal.  One of the more difficult pieces we’ve been working on will be the second track on the album.  It is an epic song that makes use of our full group plus choir.  It is called “Someday.”  I began writing “Someday” in 2011 during a 2 day snowstorm.

Cars abandoned on Northbound Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

On February 1, 2011, a mammoth snow storm covered the city of Chicago, burying cars, making streets inaccessible, and forcing businesses to shut down until the city’s snow plows could clear paths for traffic.  My car was one of those entombed in the frozen precipitation, and further buried when snow plows finally made it to my part of town.  My drafty 19th century apartment was barely comfortable as the outside temperatures dropped below zero and snow continued to fall.  I washed dishes over and over again in an effort to keep my hands warm.  I walked around the house in 3 layers of clothing, running space heaters, and the forced air heat as high as they could go.

I feared that the electricity in my apartment might fail.  I was afraid the pipes might freeze.  I was afraid that the heat would stop working.  I was afraid I’d never see the outside world ever again. Read more