From Darkness. From Infinite Loneliness.

We’re bringing the Orchestra back from the dead, and we’re unleashing it on Northern New Mexico.  We’re also unveiling a new studio demo of “Vexed.”

You can take part in all of this madness.  Join us on

From Darkness on Kickstarter

Contribute to our campaign “From Darkness.”  Receive an MP3 of our new studio demo of “Vexed” and a whole host of other things, like tickets to the show, graveyard tours, Scary-oke, or a date with the living dead.

The money we raise on Kickstarter will be used to hire an orchestra of 10 professional musicians in Northern New Mexico for the performance.  It will help with transportation fees, printing, promotions, supplies, and the many other costs associated with a performance of this magnitude.
On August 9, 2013, The Dead Superheroes Orchestra will headline the Meadow City Music Festival in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and present a musical spectacle of epic proportions.  Over 1,000 miles away from its Chicago home, under the moonless sky of the high desert, the Orchestra will be built anew from the finest musical talents of Northern New Mexico to perform for one night on the Old Town Plaza.  Performing 3 hours of dazzling music including brand new compositions and classic Dead Superheroes Orchestra anthems and favorites, this mercenary band of 12 virtuosos will rock until the whole wide world screams along.