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Roughly 5 years ago, I had a dream about a fire.  The dream centered around a married couple whose daughter who died in the fire.  The tragedy led to the couple to drift apart, both overcome by grief.  The man became obsessed with reviving his daughter from the dead.

At one point in my dream, the man had a dream of his own, in which he was walking through a mannequin factory.  Suddenly, the mannequins all came to life, singing a melody.  One of these mannequins was giant and covered in burns.

Ultimately, I decided to use this dream as a starting point for my opera, “Beyond the farthest star.”  I named the central character Violet, the girl brought back to life as a monster.

I wrote several short stories about Violet and drew many sketches of what I imagined she might look like.  This is the last sketch I finished.

I will adapt this image to the traditional themes of the Death Card from the tarot deck.  The final product will be used in our Death Card reward.