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This one goes out to you

Reposted from Kickstarter

It’s show time.

We put everything we could into this event, and it’s paying off.  The Orchestra sounds amazing, and Las Vegas is abuzz with talk of the “goth orchestra from Chicago.”

This week I talked about DSO on KLVF Radio in Las Vegas, and KBAC in Santa Fe.  New Mexico newspapers also took an interest in our performance.  The Las Vegas Optic printed an interview with me on Wednesday, and the Albuquerque Journal and Journal North printed articles about DSO and the Meadow City Music Festival this morning.

Amazingly, this nearly impossible idea of rebuilding the Dead Superheroes Orchestra in a dusty, forgotten old west town, is turning into the largest event DSO has ever done.  As of yesterday afternoon, circa 1pm, the show was 75% sold out, meaning roughly 375 tickets were already claimed.

We take the stage at 9:30pm.  I hope to see you there.  If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we hired a film crew and photographer to document the whole thing.

I have to finish rounding up cables and amplifiers now.  I’d like to leave you with the image of the poster for the show.  This is the one I’ll be sending to backers soon.  This was designed by one of my best friends, John Patrick Garcia.

Thank you for your support.  This would not be possible without you.


Poster illustration and design by John Patrick Garcia

Positively Beautiful – A fight song.

Reposted from Kickstarter

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this Kickstarter campaign thus far.  Your generosity and support has inspired me.  I have completed a song entitled “Positively Beautiful.”  It is a song about love and living without fear.  I posted a recording of it on Youtube this morning:

Thank you for your support.  Together we can do amazing things.

Please share this video and this campaign with everyone.

Also, please memorize these lyrics:

I will tie my soul to yours
And build a barricade around our hearts
To stand against all attempts to pull us apart.

I will breathe each breath with yours
And exhale the breath of the universe
that lifted bones from the sands of the planet earth.

I will add my scars to yours
To build a thicker skin to defend
When my arms have no more strength in them.

I will raise my voice with yours
And scream ten thousand thousand things
Until there are no more words for us to speak.

We know the odds are stacked against us.
Even so, we’ll take our chances.
We’ll never look back,
Never turn back.
So positively beautiful.

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